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I started Exceptional Papers Inc. with my dad in the early 2000’s, selling specialty paper and paper board. The business slowly morphed into selling specialty holographic paper to the rock poster industry – and for all the artists and printers out there who know us… the rest is history.


Being in the paper biz for so many years, I’ve developed a pretty extensive knowledge of the paper industry (all formats), and my passion and love for the paper, has allowed me to dive into many different projects, offering advice on inks, printing, packaging, rolling, die-cutting, a plethora of info! Some say I’m a bit of a guru – I say a guy who just LOVES paper!


My wife Shirley, joined the business about five years ago to manage the office and all the “paper pushing” stuff… not as exciting as being in the middle of the shiny paper biz, but someone’s gotta count the pennies!! 


We get to travel all over the country to art shows, print shows, packaging shows, galleries, poster shows, meeting so many cool, interesting artists and printers. The talent out there is amazing and we are blown away every time we meet the creative minds behind the art.


EPI offers 65+ holographic patterns and regular foils for the poster and fine art industry.


We lived in San Diego for years, enjoying the beach. We moved to Hendersonville, NC in 2022, just outside of Asheville, and love it here. Living in the mountains is amazing, we love it, our dogs love it! Shirley is British so we do lots of British’y things, like drink beer, wear silly hats at Christmas and she drinks tea… every day. We love animals, local breweries and traveling!


If you have any questions, and I mean ANY questions about paper, your project, anything, please feel free to call, email or text me. I’m always available and love to talk “paper!” [email protected] 760-715-6900.

Our Clients Love Exceptional Papers

Exceptional Papers is a gold mine. Not only do they have the largest selection of quality holographic foils, but Shirley and John are simply the best. As a business owner, I cherish professional relationships that feel personal. They are super quick with replies, and always personable and genuine. I know if we ever have a problem, they’ll take care of us, and honestly, that’s when it can count the most, when things erupt and your supplier is there to help smooth it out.

Aaron Bobzien VGKids

Not only are the papers exceptional but so is the customer service! My print shop often works on very tight deadlines and Exceptional Papers always makes sure I have the paper I need on time. Plus, nobody offers more options when it comes to beautiful holographic paper stocks.

AJ Masthay Artist/Printmaker

Exceptional Papers has a great selection of unique papers as well as top-notch customer service.

Jim Mazza Mazza Art

Exceptional Papers has been rad to work with! They have great service and a passion for paper.

Mike Fuchs Fuchs Design

I have been using Exceptional Papers Inc. for three years, and their products have taken my screen printing to the next level. The quality of the product, and the customer service is nothing short of amazing.

Wayne Allen 97 Ghosts Print & Design

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